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Hello, my names is Kaitlyn Conner and I started skating at the Watson's Rolladium SK8 Center in the summer of 2000. I was than just four years old. This rink holds a lot of history! It is the same rink that my mother, Victtoria, skated at in 1977, when she was just seven years old! Kaitlyn and Victtoria started skating regularly every Sat, Sun, and Wed night starting in the spring of 2000.

Over the course of that year in 2000, Kaitlyn's passion for skating grew! She skated about an average of 15 hours a week. She taught herself how to backwards skate, do some jame skating and taught herself how to limbo on skates. The "Limbo" than became her favorite game and she practiced until she had the skill perfected. Her nickname is the "Limbo Queen"