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Thank You

TO MY BROTHER BRECK: Thank you for all you do!

TO SAM and JOYCE: Thanks for the skates, parties, support and sponsorship!  With many hugs and kisses! (xoxo)

TO SCOTT: Thanks for the Music, Dances, and Bubble Gum!!!

TO GRANDPA MARIO: Thank you for giving my mom time off to help make my Dream come TRUE !!! :)

Thank you Superwoman Shayna for believing in me!

Thank you Kansas City Roller Warriors! I had a blast!

THank you to all my family for all your support with my skating and for letting me try new tricks!

TO My friends  for sharing, caring and skating with me.  Love Kailtyn :

 THANK YOU Kathy with "THE CAKE PAN" for the donation of best "LIMBO QUEEN CAKE" and for the Yummy Cup Cakes! WOW we will all need too skate a mile after eating her sweets!!! For More information see the sponsor page!

  TO SHANE with Rent a Center, thank you for the big screen t.v. for us to use during the watch party!!!

**This October 2008 we lost Sam Watson, he maybe gone but will never be forgotten. We miss you and your spirit still lives among the rink and through all the kids and customers who skate with us!! :) I love you, Kaitlyn and Sophia Conner

A Big Thanks for Jay Leno and his Staff for letting me show the world my limbo skating talents!!!!  We had a great time and will never forget our first trip to L.A. "You don't have chicken do you?"

A Huge Thanks for ABC's Good Morning America and the Staff for allowing me to show case my talents and play my favorite game THE LIMBO in TIME SQUARE!!!! Thanks Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  "Waddle Like A Duck"